Thursday, August 6, 2009

Uh oh

normally when i have a post named uh oh means there been an injury but in this case no there is not an injury. Lets face it the saints running game is weak not as in bad but no powere back and if you look at all the good 1 2 punches in the NFL they have an elusive back and a power back like the Minnesota Vikings they have Adrian Peterson as the powerback and Chester Taylor as the elusiveback and the Chargers they have LT as the power back and Darren Sproles as the elusive back in this case the saint do not have a powerback were they lost Big Deucie. so thats why this year i say Drew Brees throws for another 5000 yards. Lets face it Reggie Bush has never had a good season and Pierre hasnt either so i will be really surprised if one of them gets 800-900 yard for the season and dont be surprised if there Fullback needs to play RunningBack in the goalline formation.

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