Friday, August 7, 2009

Most Underrated Player in the NCAA

So Jimmy Clausen will be leading The Fighting Irish this year and will probably be a draft pick but i will tell you why this year will be his best.In 2007 he took his first steps of being a starter and he was not good at +1 (7 touchdows and 6 interceptions) but in his second season as a full time starter he destroyed he did not win every game but threw 25 touchdowns and 17 interception. people are saying that he might not even be a big QB in 09 but i say he will be in the top 5 and he might be in the top 3. Personally i say that he has a chance of winning the heisman i know its pre-mature but i think hes got it but when it come to the draft i dont think he'll be the first QB picked but the second because his off the field setbacks.Something i hate about him is that hes not to consistant sometime he'll throw 3 touchdowns and no interceptions sometime he'll throw 0 touchdowns and 4 interceptions but this year i think he'll be one of the most accurate QB's in the NCAA. 

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