Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Top 10 Fantasy Sleepers

This defenses is not a sleeper just because they had a horrible 2008-2009 season does not mean they not gonna destroy offenses. With Shawn Merriman back from injury don't be surprised if they have a 2006-2007 or a 2007-2008 looking season as the will be getting tones of turnovers as Antonio Cromartie and the defensive backs will be intercepting the ball and those linebakers and lineman will be sacking the QB.

#9 James Davis
This rookie is not gonna get rookie of the year but he might have a 800 to 900 yard season like one of the impact rookie from last year Jonathan Stewart. He wont have the majority of the carries as that will be given to Bruiser Jamal Lewis but this guy i think will be solid backup and will be in the running for Offensive Rookie of the year.

#8 Marion Barber

Marion Barber is one of my sleepers because he has not had a 1000 yards ever he has an all purpose 1000 yard season but not a 1000 yard season, but this year something will change i know there gonna have a 2 back system with Felix Jones but its obvious Marion Barber will have more carries, and now that T.O is gone they wont be able to throw it as much so that means there gonna be an extra 100-130 carries for Marion Barber and Felix Jones.

#7 Steve Breaston

I should not even call Steve Breaston a sleeper but I will, this is a guy people forget about so much just because he's over shadowed by two of the best Wide Receiver in the league. If you don't remember Steve Breaston had a 1000 yards season last season and don't be surprised if he does that this year.

#6 Bernard Berrian
What Happens when your one of the fastest Wr in the NFL and you have a Gunslinger as QB? The Deep ball. I can imagine Bernard catching 6-10 touchdown this year and being in the top 5 in receiving yards. I see a really good year for Bernard, i even see a pro bowl year for him.

#5 Shaun Hill
Shaun Hill is Obvious a reserve QB, but if your QB does get injured you might want this guy on your team because he's on of the most accurate guys in the league and wont upset you with the points he will be getting you, and with the weapons he has on offense he will be throwing for 2500-3000 yards and 15- 20 touchdowns this year and maybe he will get into the playoffs.

#4 Trent Edwards

People forget about Trent Edward so much when it comes to Fantasy football. He's as accurate as an NFL gets and when healthy hes a nightmare for secondary's. Trent will have one of his best season with the best Wideout Tandem in the league with Lee Evans, Terrell Owen, James Hardy, Roscoe Parrish, Josh Reed and Steve Johnson.

#3 Vernon Davis

Vernon Davis has had a new QB every year that hes been in the league but i think this year will be different as he will be the number one target for Shaun Hill. I think Davis will have his biggest year this year and something people forget about him is that hes the fastest Tight End in the league. So this guy might have a better season then Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates.

#2 Chris Chambers

Chris Chamber might have his best season yet this year as the defense is gonna be one of the best in the league. The reason why Chamber did not have a productive year last year is because the Chargers offense was barely on the field. but this year something will change as they will get on the field alot this year and don't be surprised if he catches 70-90 balls this year.

#1 Bears Defense

This is my number one Fantasy sleeper because they now have a QB in Jay Cutler. The reason why the Bears have not had a good season because there offense has not given them a break when it can to pass the ball. If the Bears have a good season passing the ball i guaranty it that the bear will be in the top 3 in defenses.

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