Monday, August 3, 2009

Misses Camp

Brandon Marshall did not come to Training Camp Today. I understand the his left leg is injured but theres no reason to not to come to the facilitie he could get minor work outs not necessarily drillls or two-a-days but atleast come to camp learn the drill. Im guessing he still want a new deal and i dont blame him. He's a pro bowl caliber wide receiver and he just lost his Probowl QuarterBack. Pat Bowlen needs to suck it up and give Brandom Marshall a Pay Day, Marshall is only gonna get 2.198 millions this year Marshall is atleast worth 8 million a year but if your gonna give him 8 million a year give him a 5 year contract.From the looks of it Marshall is worth it and is one of the best and strongest Wide Receivers in the league, And if they want a Wr of his caliber they need to trade for Braylon Edwards.

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