Friday, July 31, 2009

Lets Say he goes down.... Again

So lets say Tom Brady goes down again from injury and someone needs to step up, will Kevin O'Connell Step up like Matt Cassel did last season? Will he Step up like tom brady did almost 10 years ago when Drew Bledsoe was injured? I dont think so, because they dont have Josh McDaniels with them anymore so i will be very surprised if he even get 20 touchdowns IF Tom Brady gets Injured. See i do have faith in Kevin O'Connell but isnt it weird how when Josh McDaniels Calls most of the plays in 2007 Tom Brady throws 50 Touchdowns. Isnt weird how Matt Cassell Throws for 3,693 yard and 21 touchdowns in his first year starting with Mcdaniels out i dont see Brady even Throwing for 35+ Touchdown this season.

Bucs QuarterBack Battle

So the Bucs have two potencial Starting quarterback (Josh Freeman and Byron Leftwich) this year coming into training camp but three have the chance of making it to number one on the depth chart. First you have Josh Freeman who you got 17 overall in this years Draft and has should sign of running the spread but could also air it out like a JaMarcus Russell. Then you have a Josh Johnson Who has been in this Offense for a year and you know he can run the spread like a Vince Young. Then you have the Veteran Byron Leftwich who give you the best the best chance of winning and but one thing that he lacks at is durability which question him of being a leader for 16 games.

My opinion is give the keys to the offence to Josh Freeman or Josh Johnson because one of them will be the future of your franchise. Leftwich obviously gives you the best chances of winning at the moment but you need to look at the future because most likely Byron wont be there.