Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Top 10 Fantasy Sleepers

This defenses is not a sleeper just because they had a horrible 2008-2009 season does not mean they not gonna destroy offenses. With Shawn Merriman back from injury don't be surprised if they have a 2006-2007 or a 2007-2008 looking season as the will be getting tones of turnovers as Antonio Cromartie and the defensive backs will be intercepting the ball and those linebakers and lineman will be sacking the QB.

#9 James Davis
This rookie is not gonna get rookie of the year but he might have a 800 to 900 yard season like one of the impact rookie from last year Jonathan Stewart. He wont have the majority of the carries as that will be given to Bruiser Jamal Lewis but this guy i think will be solid backup and will be in the running for Offensive Rookie of the year.

#8 Marion Barber

Marion Barber is one of my sleepers because he has not had a 1000 yards ever he has an all purpose 1000 yard season but not a 1000 yard season, but this year something will change i know there gonna have a 2 back system with Felix Jones but its obvious Marion Barber will have more carries, and now that T.O is gone they wont be able to throw it as much so that means there gonna be an extra 100-130 carries for Marion Barber and Felix Jones.

#7 Steve Breaston

I should not even call Steve Breaston a sleeper but I will, this is a guy people forget about so much just because he's over shadowed by two of the best Wide Receiver in the league. If you don't remember Steve Breaston had a 1000 yards season last season and don't be surprised if he does that this year.

#6 Bernard Berrian
What Happens when your one of the fastest Wr in the NFL and you have a Gunslinger as QB? The Deep ball. I can imagine Bernard catching 6-10 touchdown this year and being in the top 5 in receiving yards. I see a really good year for Bernard, i even see a pro bowl year for him.

#5 Shaun Hill
Shaun Hill is Obvious a reserve QB, but if your QB does get injured you might want this guy on your team because he's on of the most accurate guys in the league and wont upset you with the points he will be getting you, and with the weapons he has on offense he will be throwing for 2500-3000 yards and 15- 20 touchdowns this year and maybe he will get into the playoffs.

#4 Trent Edwards

People forget about Trent Edward so much when it comes to Fantasy football. He's as accurate as an NFL gets and when healthy hes a nightmare for secondary's. Trent will have one of his best season with the best Wideout Tandem in the league with Lee Evans, Terrell Owen, James Hardy, Roscoe Parrish, Josh Reed and Steve Johnson.

#3 Vernon Davis

Vernon Davis has had a new QB every year that hes been in the league but i think this year will be different as he will be the number one target for Shaun Hill. I think Davis will have his biggest year this year and something people forget about him is that hes the fastest Tight End in the league. So this guy might have a better season then Tony Gonzalez and Antonio Gates.

#2 Chris Chambers

Chris Chamber might have his best season yet this year as the defense is gonna be one of the best in the league. The reason why Chamber did not have a productive year last year is because the Chargers offense was barely on the field. but this year something will change as they will get on the field alot this year and don't be surprised if he catches 70-90 balls this year.

#1 Bears Defense

This is my number one Fantasy sleeper because they now have a QB in Jay Cutler. The reason why the Bears have not had a good season because there offense has not given them a break when it can to pass the ball. If the Bears have a good season passing the ball i guaranty it that the bear will be in the top 3 in defenses.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Edge Signs

Edgerrin James has signed a one year contract worth 2 million $$ with the Seattle Seahawks, This really help the Seahawks as they need a solid veteran runner and that was Edgerrin James does for them. Personally i say they are SuperBowl Contenders because all they need is a solid back... and people are saying "edge isn't good anymore" no no no edge has not had good season in Arizona because that offensive line isn't good at run blocking but pass blocking that's as good as it gets but i know he will atleast get 600-800 yard all purpose.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Giant Qb Situation

So the Giants know who there number one QB is, But they don't know who there back-up and third string Qb. Personally I think they should cut David Carr as he has had a chance at building a franchise ( David Carr was the Texans first ever Draft Pick) so.. i think they should keep Andre Woodson and Rhett Bomar because the will develop alot under your franchise QB Eli Manning, and if Eli Manning does get hurt you will need someone to learn by his mistakes.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Remember the name

Terrence Cody will probably be one of the best DT's taken in the draft next year. Do I think he will be a top 10 pick....obviously! Why do i think this? Because no one in the nfl or college is that big and that quick. Cody is not a three down NT but he will stuff the running game and will get you tones of interception just by being of the field. He show alot of comparisons to Kris Jenkins because of his run stopping ability, also to Albert Haynesworth because of his size and William " The Fridge Perry" because of his quickness at the NT position.

Watch Out

The LSU running game is a good as it gets in college football. The running game includes Power/Hybrid Back Charles Scott and Elusive back Keiland Williams. Scott Being the number one will probably get 70 to 80% of the carries but that does not mean Keiland wont get reps as Scott is not an every down back. Don't be surprised if you see both of these guys top 100 picks in the draft in 2010 and if you see them in the BCS game in January.

Impressive Matt

Matt Cassell did not have the best preseason game but he made up for it last night against the Vikings, I dont know if he impressed Chief fans but he really impressed me. It also looks like Dwayne Bowe will be a Fantasy Sleeper. So look out for Cassell to Bowe during regular season

Friday, August 21, 2009

Rockets Sign Powerful Dunker

The Houston Rockets have signed Toronto Raptors highflyer Pops Mensah-Bonsu. Pops is a really good player he can really kill with his vertical. He really impressed me at the end of the 2008-2009 when he finally came around when he was dunking on people and When he was putting up the tempo

The most impressive Rookie

Donald Brown is easily one of the contenders for AP rookie of the year. If you did not see the preseason opener he was easily the most impressive rookie. he had 5 carries for 58 yard!! That's Insane!! for a rookie that's over 10 yards per carrie. If Joseph Addai get hurt during the season, don't be surprised if Donald Brown pull a look-a-like rookie Edgirren James season

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Its Actually gonna Happen

So the picture is gonna happen. Im pretty happy because this put them as my Superbowl favorite. they have gun slinger and the best RunningBack tandem in the league and one of the best defences in the league hands down. but heres a Fantasy sleeper at the Wr position Bernard Berrian (the Vikings number 1 Wr). Bernard is one of the fastest WR in the league and can Route a good as anyone in the league and does not have the best hands but he can really learn from Brett so this will be a really good season for this team and that also means that there will not means that there will not be a QuarterBack Battle with Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels.

Come on Man!!

Marc Bulger is injured with a Fractured Pinkie. It was reported after a Training Camp practice. Ive been holding off Bulger for a couple years now and i need to say but hes soft!! and everyone in the world knows it. Like he's one of the most accurate QuarterBacks and he need to know that his team cant win withought him, he needs to know that this is his team now and if he gets injured next year dont be surprised if the Rams get the first Overall next year in the 2010 draft.

Last Chances? : Danny Amendola

People Say Danny Amendola is ''On the Fringes'' but i say not even close this guy is one of the quickest guys you will ever see in the league. Remind me tones of Wes Welkers, he has really good hands and Plays the slot better then most in the league and if he make the Eagles team he will be a great weapon for Donovan Mcnabb and all the other eagles QuarterBacks including Michael Vick. but in a couple year don't be surprised if he Catches a 100 ball to big armed QuarterBack just like Tom Brady does to Welkers.

Brett Might sign

So apparently there has been talks of Brett Favre actually meeting with the Vikings again and last night apparently he got deep in contract talks and could sign with the Viking in the next couple days. Word is that he is expected to sign a Two year deal!!! like let the guy live his life I dont think he wants to sign a two year deal.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

He pissed me off

I know knowone care about him or preseason games but at the Bills VS. Bear Game he just pissed me off with the interception that he threw last on one of the last plays. Im telling you if they left Caleb Hanie on the bear probably would have won the game. like how do you throw the ball three time on two drive and get intercepted 2 times

Friday, August 14, 2009

Raiders VS. Cowboys

The Raider and Cowboys played in there first preseason last night. The score was 31-10 for the raiders. a player that played really good was Bruce Gradkowski who had 9/16 for 161 yards and 1 touchdown and no interception and was definetly the mvp of the game. Another player that impressed me was Darren Mcfadden who had 63 yard on 4 Carries!!! but no touchdows ... but that ok he had a really good game. Tony romo had a pretty good game throwing for 1 touchdown but not to many yards. The player with the worst game was Jon Kitna who threw 1 interception and two fumbles! and another player that impressed me was Micheal Bush who has 2 carries for 18 yard

Redskins vs. Ravens Preseason

Last night The Redskin and Ravens Played. The score was 23-0 for the Ravens. All three QuarterBacks for the Ravens threw for 100 yard or more. The most impressive Raven QuarterBack was Troy Smith who threw 14/30 for 200 yards and 1 touchdown. The only Redskin the impressed me was Dj Hackett who caught 2 passes for 28 yards. but the most impressive player from my view was Tom Zbikowski who had 4 tackles, 1 sack and 1 force fumble.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Michael Vick has signed with the Philadelphia Eagles today and i just need to say that huge!!! They now have the two fastest QB's in the league and now they can add a whole new playbook (the spread) to there playbook which is crazy.


Its good that Roger Goodell reinstated Donte Stallworth. personally he deserved what he got I think they gave him a bit to much because he did make a deal with the Reyes family stating he will give them a huge chunck of his contract.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bills VS.Titans (Hall of Fame Game)

So the Bills and Titans Played last night and there were alot of players that stepped up for a 18-21 Titans win. All eyes were on Terrell Owen and Vince Young as they both had decent games. Vince Young had a really surprising game as he was showing his passing skill and not his running skills, He went 5/10 on 39 yards 1 touchdown and 1 interception. but players that had pretty good  game were Gribran Hamdan throwing 11/13 on 89 yard and Patrick Ramsey who went 8/10 on 72 yards. but the most suprising player was Bills fourth string RB Xavier Omon who had 11 carries for 36 yards and 3 catches for 25 yard and I say he moves up the Depth Chart and instead of him being on the practice sqaud it will be Dominic Rhodes (the Bills third Sting RunningBack).

Saturday, August 8, 2009

He made the best of his chances

In todays practice First round pick Mark Sanchez got his first reps with the starting team and apparently he really impressed Head Coach Rex Ryan when he threw a long pass to the only proven Wideout on Jets Jerricho Cotchery and he might be getting more reps if he keeps on having good practice like he has over the pass couple day and i say he gets the starting job sometime in the 2009-2010 season.

Uh oh

Eagles number one WideReceiver Desean Jackson is reportedly out with a hyper extended knee when he got tangled up with number one Corner Asante Samuel. Jackson was carted off the field. this will be a big blow for the Eagles WideReceiving corp Desean being the best Wideout the team by far. which mean Jeremy maclin will have alot of time to showcase his talents 

Friday, August 7, 2009

Most Underrated Player in the NCAA

So Jimmy Clausen will be leading The Fighting Irish this year and will probably be a draft pick but i will tell you why this year will be his best.In 2007 he took his first steps of being a starter and he was not good at +1 (7 touchdows and 6 interceptions) but in his second season as a full time starter he destroyed he did not win every game but threw 25 touchdowns and 17 interception. people are saying that he might not even be a big QB in 09 but i say he will be in the top 5 and he might be in the top 3. Personally i say that he has a chance of winning the heisman i know its pre-mature but i think hes got it but when it come to the draft i dont think he'll be the first QB picked but the second because his off the field setbacks.Something i hate about him is that hes not to consistant sometime he'll throw 3 touchdowns and no interceptions sometime he'll throw 0 touchdowns and 4 interceptions but this year i think he'll be one of the most accurate QB's in the NCAA. 

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Failed Drug test

Rashard Lewis has failed a drug test. The part he failed was high level of testosterone if you dont know what testosterone is its basically this thing that makes you really really competitive and the only way you can have it is by using steroids. For Rashard punishment he has been suspended 10 games and will be fined about 1.5 million of his 18 million dollars that he will be getting this year.

Dont Fuck it up kid

Michael Crabtree and his agent have thretend the 49ers by saying if they dont give the contract they want Michael Crabtree will not sign with them and instead join the 2010 draft instead. I say he's not dealing with the situation like a pro. Lets face it your not gonna be given top 5 pick money if you did not fuck up your leg maybe you would of but you did fuck up your leg so your not getting that money. Another reason why i dont get why there not signing the deal already is he was the second WideReceiver Picked not the first but the second might be the best but not the first so suck it up and get your tenth overall pick deal.If he does go in next years does he think that his stock will rise ? because it wont at all better yet its gonna drop alot and the rookie contract he wants now will turn into a 4th or 5th round contract

Uh oh

normally when i have a post named uh oh means there been an injury but in this case no there is not an injury. Lets face it the saints running game is weak not as in bad but no powere back and if you look at all the good 1 2 punches in the NFL they have an elusive back and a power back like the Minnesota Vikings they have Adrian Peterson as the powerback and Chester Taylor as the elusiveback and the Chargers they have LT as the power back and Darren Sproles as the elusive back in this case the saint do not have a powerback were they lost Big Deucie. so thats why this year i say Drew Brees throws for another 5000 yards. Lets face it Reggie Bush has never had a good season and Pierre hasnt either so i will be really surprised if one of them gets 800-900 yard for the season and dont be surprised if there Fullback needs to play RunningBack in the goalline formation.

T-wolves Coach

Lakers Assistant HeadCoach Kurt Rambis might become the T-wolve new HeadCoach. I think they will do really good if Kurt Rambis is the headcoach because you saw what he did with Andrew Bynum and you cant imagine what he will do with Kevin love and all the other young big men on the T-wolves.

My view on Donte Stallworth

Donte Stallworth just got realeased from jail and people are saying that he will not play in the league ever again. I say give him a break because Stallworth did kill a person and thats horrible but Micheal Vick killed 3 dogs while he was sober and hes allowed back in the league if Donte Stallworth killed a man while he was drunk and is not thats a bunch of bull shit because Michael Vick knew what he was doing but Donte did not control to much of his situation.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Former 76ers Headcoach Sign Back

Former 76ers HeadCoach Randy Ayers has signed with the 76ers again as a Assistant coach. I think the reason Randy Ayers has signed with 76ers is because he was  the assistant coach for the Washington Wizard and this year the ex-head coach of the Washington Wizard Eddie Jordan wants him on his Staff. 

Detroit Sign's Rookie

First Round rookie Austin Daye has signed a two year deal today with the Detroit Pistons. This year Austin has a good chance of starting if he maybe gets bigger and improves in his rebounding he will start because he has the height but he need to get stronger.  


Today Eli Manning got a huge contract today worth 97.5 for 6 years. I Say good for them because Eli Manning just lost his two best receivers so make him happy i think Eli will have a good year because last year a prime time franchise QuarterBack by the name of Ben Roethlisberger got a huge contract and what did he do ? he led his team to the superbowl.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

QB Battle

So Kurt Warner Has said that the 2011-2012 season will be his last so that leaves Brian St.Pierre and Matt Leinart as the future of the Franchise. It will most likely be the number 2. Today Ken Whisenhunt has told the media today that Brian St.Pierre and Matt Leinart Will be having a QB battle. I say give it to St.Pierre because Matt Leinart has had his chance at starting Quarterback and hasnt been good at it.

The Answer is a Greek Ball team

So Allen Iverson is not gonna get big time money this year. The most an NBA team is gonna pay for him is 4-7 millions. But reportedly alot of european teams are paying as much as 9 million but one of the elite Greek teams are the Olympiakos who are reportedly gonna give him 10 million for 1 year.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Jets QB Battle

Jets Have two NFL ready QuarterBacks Mark Sanchez and Kellen Clemens. People are saying Clemens will win the job but after Mondays practice word is that Mark Sanchez will start doing reps with the starting team because of Kellen Clemens made alot of mistakes. I say Start Mark Sanchez because you just traded up for him and wasted a top ten pick on him but you also drafted Kellen Clemens a couple year ago and wasted a second round pick on him and you have a better chance of winning but you have a better chance of building a team with Mark Sanchez.

Confirmed Starter

Second year Wide Receiver Devin Thomas of the Washington Redskins has been told that he is the starter with Santana Moss. Devin Thomas really helped himself when he came in early to work outs which gave him the yes he probably wont be playing to much on third down like Santana and Malcom Kelly.

Uh Oh!

Theres been alot of Training Camp injuries over the past couple days but none have been this severe. Stewart Bradley has Torn his ACL. Which might Sideline him for all of the 2009-2010 season. He will be lucky if he get to play in the playoffs.

Lendale Might Lose Reps

So Jeff Fisher and Bud Adams want to cut some of Lendale Whites Reps and give them to Chris Johnson. I say bad idea, dont get me wrong Chris Johnson is really really good but hes not a power back like Lendale White. So lets go back to week 11 when Tennessee lost there first game and thats when they decided to give Chris Johnson more reps and only gave Lendale White 3 reps there running offence struggled so thats why you dont want to play with Lendales reps you cant only give him short yardage situations.

He Just Might!

So The most impressive Wide Receiver at the Cowboys camp is Sam Hurd repotedly. Now that T.O is not apart of the cowboy i think he has the chance ofgetting that no.2 the obvious no.1 is Roy Williams and if he does not have a big season im 100% that he will be released and Patrick Crayton and Sam Hurd will be the starters next season.

Misses Camp

Brandon Marshall did not come to Training Camp Today. I understand the his left leg is injured but theres no reason to not to come to the facilitie he could get minor work outs not necessarily drillls or two-a-days but atleast come to camp learn the drill. Im guessing he still want a new deal and i dont blame him. He's a pro bowl caliber wide receiver and he just lost his Probowl QuarterBack. Pat Bowlen needs to suck it up and give Brandom Marshall a Pay Day, Marshall is only gonna get 2.198 millions this year Marshall is atleast worth 8 million a year but if your gonna give him 8 million a year give him a 5 year contract.From the looks of it Marshall is worth it and is one of the best and strongest Wide Receivers in the league, And if they want a Wr of his caliber they need to trade for Braylon Edwards.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Eagles are loaded!

The eagles are loaded with tones of wide receiver (loaded suddenly mean 10 for me) this year and will probably trade three or four of them by the end of training camp. The wide receivers that are most likely gonna stay are Desean Jackson, Kevin Curtis, Bradon Gibson,
Jeremy Maclin (Eagles First round pick) , Jason Avant, Hank Baskett and Bradon robinson.

I wont be surprised if Reggie brown gets traded in the next few weeks to the cleveland browns for Braylon Edward and some draft pick "some" meaning 2 to 3 draft pick from the 4 round to the 7 round .

Who's gonna wear the jersey??

5. Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose has the best chance of making the team over Russell WestBrook but he does not have the defensive ability that he does but something he has is that he can run a team and can the fast break better then anyone on Team USA.

4. Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook will make the team because they need a good solid defensive point guard that plays 100 on defense but might need to work on his offensive ability's and handling/leading a team which i think he will get that ability by the end of the 2010-2011 season which he will get the offensive ability by.
3. Andre Iguodala

Andre Iguadala is the best defensive player aswell as the best highflyer on this list. One of his best skills are to create the fastbreak with his stealing ability. he just needs to work on his shooting and will probably make the team in a heartbeat.
2. Rudy Gay

Rudy Gay is the second best defensive player on this list and will most likely make the team but still need to improve. he runs the fast break really good. and has the ability to JUMP which Team USA does really good but the best thing about Rudy Gay is that he can create the fastbreak which is much need for team USA in 2012.

1. Kevin Durant

Durant is not that best defensive player on this list and if you look at team USA last year they loved playing defense and they loved running on the fast break which he not to good at again and rebounding which durant is pretty good at, If Durant does make the team he will probably be the third best scorer on the team after Lebron James and Dwayne Wade.