Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dont Fuck it up kid

Michael Crabtree and his agent have thretend the 49ers by saying if they dont give the contract they want Michael Crabtree will not sign with them and instead join the 2010 draft instead. I say he's not dealing with the situation like a pro. Lets face it your not gonna be given top 5 pick money if you did not fuck up your leg maybe you would of but you did fuck up your leg so your not getting that money. Another reason why i dont get why there not signing the deal already is he was the second WideReceiver Picked not the first but the second might be the best but not the first so suck it up and get your tenth overall pick deal.If he does go in next years does he think that his stock will rise ? because it wont at all better yet its gonna drop alot and the rookie contract he wants now will turn into a 4th or 5th round contract

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